BC Food Supply Chain Newsletter:

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Cover of BC Food Supply Chain Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1, featuring an illustrative aerial view of interconnected farms and distribution networks in a lush green valley.

The BC Food Supply Chain Newsletter is an upcoming quarterly release sent to participants in the BC Food Supply Chain Platform, as well as stakeholders in the local food industry, ranging from producers to retailers to institutions. Each edition will highlight a variety of local organizations, regardless of their size, to bring awareness to the often hidden elements and challenges of our local food industry.

The questions below are designed to help us better understand your organization and the specific challenges it faces in relation to the food supply chain, with the aim of including your insights in the newsletter.

Any information you provide may also be utilized to make improvements to the current platform, promote your organization, help stakeholders and decision makers understand your challenges, and promote your community’s role in the local food industry. So, feel free to be as detailed as you like! That being said, none of the questions are required.

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